About Count Play Explore

Count Play Explore Web-Application is all about fun with math. It is a place for parents and caregivers to find ideas and activities that bring math into your home and conversation. With short and easy videos designed to show what it can look and sound like to talk about math with young children, you will want to spend time watching them all to laugh and consider all the “math” that has been hiding in plain sight! Each video is linked to children’s books and age-appropriate activities that children will enjoy and learn from. Everything is easy to find and absolutely free. Simply click on the age range your child is in and you’re ready!

Looking for some great children’s books to read to your child? Click the links for “Books” to discover dozens of books that are available from local bookstores and online. Do you need some activities to inspire you and your child from a math perspective? Click on the “Activities” button to be inspired to talk and play with your child in a math-rich environment.

Watch the videos, talk about the math around us, and take advantage of the many options on this child-centered web application!

If you are a parent, you are in the right place. If you are a researcher or educator, there is more available HERE.